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Prescriptions are generally written in the same format. You can proceed to placing your order if you have all the required information to hand by simply entering the prescription values. Leave blank any fields that are blank on your prescription. If you do not have your prescription to hand, you can give us this after ordering as soon as possible - please note your glasses will not go into production stages without a prescription being sent. Your prescription can be sent via email, fax or post.

If you have a near addition or intermediate addition value this may be written in just one place on your prescription provided by your optician. However this value must be added into both eyes on our web ordering system. Please note near addition is the value needed for reading glasses and intermediate addition is the value needed for computer use glasses.

If you are still having problems understanding your prescription then please contact our customer care team on and we can advise you. We may need to contact your optician for clarification or in the case of your prescription being in a different format.

Your prescription is a recommendation for your vision given by your optician. You will need to check to see if your prescription is within our laboratory range. If your prescription is not covered by the prescription ranges on the prescription entry pages of our website please do contact us and we will endeavour to accommodate your prescription if possible.